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Nikkiema Rai reached out to me about speaking on her passion and all time love, Somatic Sexology. She is a Somatic Sexologist and Relationship Coach who focuses on the healing of the mind-body connection within her clients in order to live a more fulfilling and pleasurable life.


As a society, we are all susceptible to disconnecting from our body's intuition because we can be very achievement-driven; always using our bodies as vehicles to get from point A to point B without paying attention to what our body needs in those moments. Nikkiema offers tools and strategies to begin the process of mending that mind-body connection and emphasizes the important role it can have in our lives when our minds and bodies are communicating with each other.


Just as Eastern Philosophy suggests, Nikkiema points out that most of our creative expression is rooted in our sacral zone, or genital area. When we unlock the power of our sacred sexual energies, we find confidence in who we are, where we are going, and where we are now.


We touch on the core of somatic work, in that emotional trauma gets stored in our bodies but, there are ways to move this emotion (energy-in-motion) through ourselves, create more positive neural pathways surrounding the thought that triggered it so that we can have more power over our human experience. These types of sessions often include different techniques, such as breath, sound, movement, touch, body-mapping, with a sprinkle of Cognitive-Behavior Therapy. 


Nikkiema has clients that not only struggle with the power of their sexuality, but her work crosses over into individuals struggling with day-to-day interpersonal relationships, a deep-seated trauma, or the social barriers between men and women that can make communications awkward. 


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