Ms. Navia is a pillar in the Dallas community of femme dominants; not only has she been a part of ClubFEM for 15 years, but she also holds the positio...View Details

What is love? Is it a feeling? Is it an experience? A force unseen? Maybe it's a mindset? Or even, a spiritual practice..    “I believe that sex is th...View Details

Find the full video here.   Sadly, our four-part series is closing out, but on the bright side, Dr. Ray and I discuss a beautiful piece of our lives t...View Details

To watch the full video, follow this link. ( This episode is special because it starts with a guided medit...View Details

Here it is, folx! Pt. 3 of the Pt. 4 series with Dr. Darrel Ray on what religious trauma looks like, the process of deprogramming, and the important s...View Details

Today, Jaqueline Stevens, a Certified Professional Coach + Master of Energy and Reiki Practitioner, joins us today to talk about the importance of liv...View Details

Joined by the lovely Dr. Darrel Ray, we get to discuss a topic that he mentions he could go on for hours about; in fact, he has and will continue to d...View Details

This is Pt. 1 of a four-part series. Today, I was blessed to share space with the legendary Dr. Darrel Ray. He is a psychologist and religion speciali...View Details

Exclusive to listeners of this podcast, Nikkiema Rai is offering 20% off for bookings and this offer runs through July 1st. You'll need to contact her...View Details

This is a brief exposure to the power of active listening and an overview of all the nuances that make a good listener. This is part one of a four-par...View Details

Joined, once again, by Christopher DeFranco, clinical mental health professional, we conquer the topic of LGBTQIA+ and cover a list of ambiguities whe...View Details

As we all know, social isolation has taken a toll on all of us. Some feel this more than others depending on locality, and then there are those who ar...View Details

Today, we were joined by Christopher DeFranco, a Clinical Mental Health Counselor. Christopher started out his career by establishing his place in the...View Details

Pop Your Cherry!'s are meant to stimulate free thought and incite conversations with your peers about topics that don't normally come up around the di...View Details

Mental health professional, Scott Smith, combines the benefits of hypnotherapy and EMDR to treat his clients. We discuss the effectiveness of these mo...View Details

Just 2 minutes out of your day. In this week's Pop Your Cherry, I'm asking my listeners to define their sexuality and look at the influential factors ...View Details

Dive into the world of Sex Therapy with expert Nicholas Maio and I as we light the path that can seem so unfamiliar and lonely at times. We provid...View Details

Who is The PsycHoe?

A brief introduction of who I am and the direction of this podcast. 

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