What is love? Is it a feeling? Is it an experience? A force unseen? Maybe it's a mindset? Or even, a spiritual practice.. 


“I believe that sex is the most direct pathway to our deepest healing and the fulfillment of our deepest human yearnings for connection and love. When we lose access to this erotic and sexual aspect of ourselves we cut ourselves off from a part of life that holds the power to deeply heal us.” -Susan Morgan Taylor


Love, also known for being the greatest healing force in our lives, is dynamic and can manifest itself in a multitude of fashions. Love is tender, love is kind, but love is also motherfucking violent and abrasive at times. No more of this passive form of love; love is an act that must be refined time and time again. For some, it is easy to express their love for whatever the occasion calls for, and for others, finding your expression can be difficult at times. You will doubt yourself, you will think you're "doing it all wrong"; but all of the preconceived ideas of what love might be, or look like, just don't apply to every situation we're faced with over our lifespans. Susan and I consider what love may look like in a diverse set of situations and what it takes to truly BE in a state of love. 


Question.. have you ever been hit with a wave of emotion during a sexual experience? Did you stop what you were doing? Did you cry it out? Laugh it out? Scream it out? Susan points out that our hearts and our genitals are very closely intertwined, and that as our hearts open and release, so do our genitals. When we invite all that it is we are feeling into our sexual practice, we get to experience new and deeper levels of vulnerability and physically MAKE love. 


Enjoy the episode, it's quite the trip.


To find more of Susan:

Susan Morgan Taylor, MA
Specialist in Women's Sexuality and Feminine Spirituality
Founder, The Pathway to Pleasure Collective and Feminine Wisdom Academy
Go to https://thepsychoe.com to find more episodes and social media updates. 
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