As we all know, social isolation has taken a toll on all of us. Some feel this more than others depending on locality, and then there are those who are easily forgotten who truly suffer from the social distancing protocols. 


Currently, hospice patients are allowed zero outside contact and very limited contact with nurses, doctors, and other health professionals. Their loved ones are suffering as well, and are probably experiencing a gamut of emotions ranging from anger to helplessness. 


My dear friend, Robert Osmand, joins me today to share the strange situation he found himself in to shed light on just how heartbreaking this is for a large portion of our population. 


Do you find yourself to be the person cling onto as a rock when the storm hits? Well, you're not alone. Tune in for some like-minded thoughts, and walk away with tools to address this experience in order to extend love to the ones who need it most, including yourself. 


Follow the link below to read more into the science of neurochemicals that are naturally produced in our brains in response to stress and how they provide a world of benefits for our health. 


Music: Face In It by @fallenforautumn on Instagram

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