Here it is, folx! Pt. 3 of the Pt. 4 series with Dr. Darrel Ray on what religious trauma looks like, the process of deprogramming, and the important skill of self-regulation.

And I quote, "We all encounter stressful environments; what makes life worth living is to have the skills to regulate your emotions. We want to keep ourselves regulated so that when we hit a hard spot we have the skills to walk through that. Those skills will help us in maintaining positive relationships with our partners, understanding our children, and living a happier life. THAT is the key to being a healthy human being." Quote by Dr. Ray. 


Let's leave behind the message that our body is our enemy and begin to love our bodies for all that they are. But how difficult is it to truly break free from a trauma cycle? What does that process even look like? How does it affect our nervous system and how many times do we want to keep reliving it? Great questions to ask yourself, but Dr. Ray has thoughts on them in this episode. 


Important take away: Concept of Attribution Theory--When our brains label hormone production as an emotional experience and within that, we can sometimes misattribute. We tend to attribute our feelings to the wrong things when in reality, we are experiencing our body's endocrine system. 


Resource mentioned: 

Adverse Childhood Experiences Test by the CDC


Pt. 4 will be covering BDSM and Non-monogamy through the Eyes of a Religious Trauma Specialist. Stay tuned for future episodes by following The PsycHoe on social media found on my website:


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