Today, Jaqueline Stevens, a Certified Professional Coach + Master of Energy and Reiki Practitioner, joins us today to talk about the importance of living an authentic life. She comes from a heavy corporate background and attracts clients who share this life experience by offering ways to integrate both a "corporate strategy and spiritual ritual" into their everyday life. One way she does this is by identifying emotional patterns to help her clients see where they might be holding themselves back in life, which she calls her "Soul Alignment Blueprint". We looked at what it takes to make our mess our medicine, the importance of living a value-led life, and the delicate balance and description of our innate feminine and masculine--yin and yang--characteristics.

We have a second interview coming soon where Jaqueline guides us through a meditation in chakra alignment and describes the benefits of doing this, even if it is just once a month. She also goes into the role that each chakra plays in our lives and how they develop throughout the lifespan. To stay up to date on future episodes, find more at The PsycHoe's Website.


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